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Man Drops Cocaine in Courtroom

Attorney Kenneth N. Ortner recently represented Lamar Reed, who was charged with a felony of the 5th degree for possession of drugs. Mr. Reed was in court for nothing more than a traffic violation, but dropped a bag of cocaine out of his hat which was recorded on video in Judge Mihok’s courtroom. The incident went viral and has over 12 million views. Watch the video below.

Mr. Reed was facing a possible prison sentence of 12 months in jail and a $2500 fine. However, even with the video evidence and popularity of the event, Attorney Ortner was able to get Mr. Reed a first degree misdemeanor with no jail time and no probation.

The arguments the defense made questioned the chain of custody, the amount of the drug and the laboratory procedure used to analyze the dropped drug. A creative solution to a challenging problem.

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